What do you have against the floor?

Okay—so not that long ago I did a post on a huge mess that one of my darlings made in the kitchen. Which darling did it? I said “she” in that post. So obviously it has to be one of my three darling girls.

Let’s go to today’s mess shall we?

We shall.


A small drink from Sonic can make a large mess.

Trust me.


So there are two of my darlings cleaning up the mess. Obviously it wasn’t the boy that made the mess.

But who was it?

Give ya hint…

It starts with S.

{snort. giggle. snort} All my girls start with S names! {I am giggling at my own genius with that joke.}

How about another hint?

It isn’t the one I often call the walking whirlwind.

That really only leaves one girl that is home during the day during the school week.


“Sage!! What did you do?”

That’s what she does. Throws her hands up in the air. Defeat admitted.

This time I think she had an ulterior motive.

While Connor and Stormy were cleaning up the mess…Sage was sitting on the table eyeing something she wanted that didn’t belong to her.

014 017 018 019

Connor doesn’t particularly care for corn dogs so no big deal. Except he’s going to be hungry before nap really begins. And I’m going to have to let him because the corn dog bandit struck.

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