Schools Out for the summer!!

As is customary for most schools I imagine…there were award ceremonies and graduations and tears and smiles for the last couple days of school.

Something I do every year on the last couple of days? DRESS MY KIDS UP. The girls absolutely love getting new dresses and looking fabulous (darling—sorry I couldn’t resist!). I even paint toenails. Okay so I have only done this whole end of school year a few years but still. I haven’t altered my pattern…yet.

The first kiddo up is my absolutely gorgeous daughter, Shayne. Shayne managed to walk away with 5 (YES 5) awards at the ceremony. I was so friggin proud! One of her proudest for her though? The attendance award. The only kid in her class to not miss a single day of school. And the reward (besides the certificate)…a day out at a professional ball game! She was so happy. Shayne came a long way this year in her confidence level thanks largely to her teacher. So a huge thanks to Ms. B! Congrats on the wedding (at the end of July)!

IMG_6218 IMG_6221 IMG_6223 IMG_6227 

Next up would be Stormy. Oh—Stormy. If I had a nickel for every time you picked your nose during your program I would be twenty cents richer. Not much I know but still…what a proud mom I am to say… “Yeah—the one picking her nose and all dressed up is mine.”

All of the kindergarten classes had to do a a few songs in their program. And I teared up so much it was ridiculous. I am going to say it must be the hormones. I didn’t cry when Shayne graduated from kindergarten. This post is already a humongous file or I would post the last song of “First Grade, first grade” sung to the “New York, New York” music. Seriously. I really can’t believe that my little mini-me is done with kindergarten. Stormy’s teacher is one of the sweetest teachers. And I think Stormy looks like her (how weird!).

IMG_6235 IMG_6241  IMG_6247

And last but not least. Connor. He is done with preschool. I was crying in his room a little. His teacher was really crying. Ms. Catherine is  moving. All of the other teachers put together a few things for her. Connor worked really hard on the gifts we got for her. He was being kind of stinker on his last day. He knew something was up. He wasn’t happy when I tried explaining that it was Ms. Catherine and his last day of preschool. He is going to miss her soooo much. I asked him today about her. He said, “I miss Ms. Catherine. She’s my frien.”


So as of today at 11:30AM (Shayne’s last day was a half day. The other two were done yesterday) SCHOOL’s OUT!


  1. I wish I would've noticed that nose picking! We worked so hard on not doing that this year! ;) I LOVE the pictures! Thank you so much for being so encouraging! I really enjoyed teaching Stormy! I am SOOOO PROUD OF HER!!

  2. Way to go Shayne on your awards!! Also sending cudos to Stormy and Connor for making it though the year!! We're so proud of you all!!! Keep up the good work!!!!