Now most people have something that they are weird about. I have a few too. When I start collecting something—I turn into this weird crazy person about it. I am getting better. I haven’t bought a beanie baby in years {seriously.I have about 50 of these things in the basement in a tub that my kids love to play with}. Anyways—do you obsess over anything?

Oh-I dunno…let’s say…organizing something? I love to organize. Let’s clarify that. I love to organize some things. When it is something small that I can keep in control—I love it. Right before I have had each and every one of my babies, I organize their room. Yes, I know most people do that. I do it a few times until it is the way I want it. I even make sure the clothes are on the hanger facing the correct way. I also pack and re-pack the diaper bag about a dozen times just to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I wish I could get that organized with the rest of the house but like I said…I love to do it in small areas.

What in the world am I talking about?

I spent a little time organizing something I bought for the girls yesterday.

001 006 

Yep—like 500 of those elastic hair bands. Why? Because it seemed like a logical thing to do {snort}.

BUT I will say it made fixing hair this morning a breeze.

I also organized the medicine cabinet… which means that I put things back where they go rather than just tossing them on top of the rest of the stuff in there. And my desk. And today…the bathroom counter in our bathroom.

Another reason I do the small stuff…to put off doing the big stuff. Like the basement.

Maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow. or the next day. or…yeah…you catch the drift.


  1. You know what I say...everything should have it's own place!

  2. I have little thingys just like that for Josi's hair bands ... not that she lets me put them in her hair, but they are organized none the less. I am with you on the little things. My sis-in-law commented the other day about how my cookbooks were super organized and tabbed and all that. Then you look at my house and ... well, it's not.