“How you doing?”

I am doing fantastic. Aside from the already pinching nerve on my left lower side.  I had a Dr. appointment earlier this week. Baby’s heart-rate was nice and fast. 154BPM. Yep—I’m changing my thoughts that this is a girl. All my girls have had high heart-rates in utero. Not my son. BUT I do know others that have boys and they had high heart-rates. Only a week and a half until my sono. Thank goodness. I am so curious. How do women wait until delivery to find out?!? I am dying to know like a few weeks ago.

I had to ask my Dr. about contractions. What I asked was how many I can have before I call in. She looked at me and said, “Over 5 in an hour and if resting/drinking water isn’t helping. Why?” Then I had to tell her I had a couple a week ago or so. Nothing major. Yeah right. I have been trying to do better with resting and drinking tons of water. It just isn’t one of my favorite things to drink—Dr. Pepper is. The good news? I haven’t had any contractions since. Oh-and I haven’t gained any weight yet. My blood pressure is staying low (like it usually does).

On my pregnancy weekly website it reads:

“This is day number 126 and you're 18 weeks pregnant!
You have 154 days or 22 weeks left, and are 45.0% of the way there.”

Kind of cool right?

I signed up for a pregnancy massage for Saturday. I have  gift card that expires Saturday to this place. Thank goodness I found it. A little early birthday present for me. I can’t wait.

I have so much to post—it’s scary. BUT I have to go pick a kid up from school in a few minutes. My blogging will have to wait until…later!

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  1. Glad you and the baby are doing fine! And yes, it was hard not knowing what you were...finding out there were two of you was terrifying! I'm so glad you were girls cause if you had been boys your names would have been Luke and Duke! I kiddingly mentioned the Duke to your dad and he liked it!!