Holy crap…I think I’m in love!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally got a new filter for one of my lenses. And a hood for it. Hoods make a great difference in saturation pre-editing…most of the time. And these pictures…I didn’t edit the saturation. Not one little bit. The only thing I did was...sharpened them a little. And holy crap…I think I’m in love with a couple of new things…

sage orange flower 2

One thing: The new filter

Two thing: The new hood

Three thing: The new orange flower clippie I made.

sage orange flower 3

Because really?

How could I not be in love with them?!?!?

Don’t tell Paul.

Oh—and of course I’m in love with that darling girl of mine. But I’m really glad she’s in bed now. It is a lot of work chasing her around!

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