A hard but good goodbye

When Connor got bit by Holly—the one that left him with one stitch—that was totally his fault—I was torn. Do we keep her or find a new home for her? I knew what to do in my heart. Paul was the one that was really rooting for Holly to stay with us. BUT Holly hated—hated Paul. She kept charging him at night when he would come in from work. She really hated him. I knew it was time for us to let Holly go.

A week after the bite, I contacted one of the people that helped us get Holly. She contacted the original owners. They wanted Holly back. I was so relieved.

But after a couple of days—they let me know that they couldn’t take Holly back due to living arrangements.

Back to finding the right place for Holly. I contacted numerous shelters and rescue groups. No one would take her because she broke skin when she bit Connor. I explained that it really was his fault. She wasn’t trying to be mean (he wouldn’t have had a face left if she was trying to hurt him). They agreed. BUT their policies were clear.

Down to the wire. Holly’s hate for Paul seemed to be getting worse. I didn’t want Connor near her—which he repeatedly ignored. I was calling vets to find out about euthanasia. I know they must have thought I was a crazy person. I was in tears with both vets that I called. One I called back to verify and to see if they had any suggestions other than euthanasia. Nope. I had the word out with all of my friends and neighbors and everyone on face-book. IS THERE ANYONE THAT WOULD TAKE HOLLY?

And then…I got a call from my neighbor. She works with someone that her daughter has a couple of mastiffs and frequently rescues dogs. She was going to let me know if they wanted her. Not even 10 minutes later…

I find out…

she does want Holly.

Thank you God! I didn’t want to put her down. It was a horrible choice I was left with. It wasn’t fair to Holly.

So today I drove Holly to her new home.

She did great. She didn’t growl at the very nice lady taking her (Molly). She didn’t want the puppy messing with her. She smelled everything and when I went to the truck to get her stuff…she sat right beside Molly.

I said I wasn’t going to call and bug her but I couldn’t help it. I did call. She called me back and told me Holly has been perfect. And she sent me a picture via cell. It was Holly sitting right beside her outside. It made me cry.

My kids understand that Holly wasn’t the right dog for us. That there is a dog somewhere for us. But it will have to wait for quite awhile. I don’t think my heart can take any more of these kind of good goodbyes.

‘Bye Holly. I wish it would have been better. I’m sorry Connor was a pain to you. Thank you for liking me the best (and Shayne). We will miss you. Maybe not the slobber but the rest—yes. Be a good girl wherever you go. We love you.


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