What to do what to do…

I really want to be selfish and just scrapbook today. I have a lot to do though. Cleaning, laundry, picking up after just picking  up…etc. I really want to be selfish and just sit and scrapbook… Ooohhh---and I want to take my nephew’s pictures (my brother-in-law just called me! yeah!!)

I won’t though. I will get some quick cleaning done. Switch laundry loads and whatnots.

I will be selfish and take time to do the photo shoot. Yeah! At least I get to do something I really love today (besides taking care of my peeps)! Taking pictures of course!

Okay Logan—get ready to smile little man!

Now I really do have to clean quickly. Isn’t it amazing the motivation you have to clean when you know someone is coming to your house? Excuse me while I go clean a couple of bathrooms and get my mini-studio set up!

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