So where have I been?

I haven’t blogged in a few days. I like to post pictures and I just haven’t been taking that many. But I will share what all we did this weekend…

Friday-Shayne rode the bus home with her BF and attempted to spend the night. She however, changed her mind and I got the call at 10:30. I was pretty much asleep and it startled the heck out of me. Julie was kind enough to bring my kid home because for whatever reason {she said she just wanted to see me} she wanted to come home.

Saturday—running around like a crazy person. Shayne had a soccer game at 1PM. I also had a dear friend’s little boy’s 3rd birthday party. So Paul and I divided up. I totally got the short end though. All he had to do was take Shayne to her game. I got to take the other three to the birthday party. Which was a totally cool party! They hired a couple that has tons of critters to come and do a show. There was a boa constrictor (yuck! I HATE SNAKES), the largest bunny I have ever seen, a chinchilla (so soft…Stormy said, “MOM feel it…it’s like a blanket!”), a hairy screaming armadillo, a fat toad, a baby fox, some kind of gecko (yuck), a spider monkey, and a lion cub. Stormy was so excited to touch everything! Connor…preferred to play on the playground.

After the party, I got home and had time to sit for two seconds before taking Shayne to her second soccer game at 4PM. Her team won this one! Shayne almost scored a goal. She was so on it for both games! It was awesome!

Saturday night…Shayne did spend the night at her BF’s house. I chilled with the other kids.

Sunday—nothing. I cleaned a lot in the morning. Laundry and vacuuming and dusting and…I think that’s it. My sister-in-law stopped over and somehow managed to leave with Stormy and Connor. So it was just me and Sage. And the TV. And napping. And it was heavenly.

And here we are already back to Monday. Tonight we have soccer practice and Tee-ball practice. Tomorrow—oh tomorrow—that I will post about tomorrow afternoon. It’s going to be a really, really long day for me.

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  1. Tell Shayne Congrats on her team's win! Glad you were able to get a little rest!!!