A recipe that anyone can do!

I am not that into cooking. Really I’m not. I do enjoy baking…every once in a blue moon. And the blue moon was the other day because I actually made something that is so delicious but disgustingly named. Dump Cake.

Sounds gross right?

It’s not. And coming from one of the pickiest eaters every (ask any of my friends; they will tell you) that is saying something.

First you take a can of 008. Spread it as the bottom layer in a pan.

On top of that spread a can of 007. I do drain a little of the juice beforehand because otherwise it is just too runny.

For the next layer open up a box/package of  009. Spread it on top of the pineapple. NO—DO NOT mix it. Just the dry cake mix.

And the final touch…Cut up slices of butter and place them all over the top of the cake mix. Like this: 010


LAST: Pop it into the oven at 350 until golden.

Yep it is that simple. I like to eat mine warm. And I don’t have a finished photo because…well…it’s all gone! I did share some with a couple of people. But the rest is {ahem} all. gone.

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  1. I haven't eaten any of this for years, but Grandma D used to make it on a regular basis. Glad you enjoyed it!