My son…

While I was working on editing some pictures yesterday my son asked if he could have some cheese. Yeah sure Bubba. And then I remembered…

the only cheese I have is shredded.

“Connor—please don’t make a mess!”

“I didn’t Mama! See?”

008 010

Okay. It could have been worse.

Fast forward a little while. I am on the phone with the person I did the shoot for. Telling her I have sent her the slideshow…etc. And then I hear a noise. I couldn’t figure it out at first and then I realized…007

It was a carrot being peeled over the trash can.

“Connor!! Do not ever try to peel your own carrot! I want you to ask Mama from now on! You could really hurt yourself with that big peeler!”

“Okay Mama. I eat it now?”

009   The positive sides of both of these situations?

At least they are healthy snacks.

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  1. glad it got it peeled without getting hurt! I still manage to cut myself from time to time!