Guess what finally happened?!?! And another way that I handle special moments for my kids…

It seems like it was  long time ago that I did this post on Stormy’s first loose tooth.

039 Well-IT FINALLY CAME OUT TODAY! And I checked—it has been over a month of that little tooth being loose!

Our neighbor, Emma informed Stormy she will get $10 from the tooth fairy.

Ummmmmm---noooooo---she won’t. The tooth fairy is very kind and only leaves $1 for our kids.

The tooth fairy doesn’t need every tooth from every child. So I asked her to please leave my kids teeth so that I can have them. That way—my kids see them in memory boxes and know that—yep-the tooth fairy doesn’t need every tooth. Some mommy’s like to keep them for a memory box.

Hey—it works! They also have to leave their tooth on the kitchen counter (in a Ziploc baggie) so the tooth fairy will just leave the $1 beside the bag.

So there is another way that I handle this stuff with my kids. It is a learning process. Wait until I tell you about Santa.

And yes—Shayne knows about the tooth fairy too. She asked me, “How much money are you going to leave her?”

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  1. The month long loose tooth is about right. You girls about drove me nuts with your first one!! Is Stormy smiling because her tooth is out, or she knows she will get money from the tooth fairy!!