Baby #5

Today was our last appointment before my surgery in two weeks. I got to have a sonogram (LOVE THEM!) and of course the regular appointment.

How did it go?


We (Paul got to come) got to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Is there any sound more reassuring and heartwarming? I don’t think so. I just kept smiling. And I forgot to ask what the BPM was. DARN it. But it was there. And it sounded…so sweet. The baby is starting to look more human now and less tad-poley (not really a word). The baby also was moving around like crazy. Obviously it is still too early for me to feel but it was nice to see on the screen.

My appointment went…fast. In and out. Hi. How are you? Everything looks great. Cervix is nice and long and closed. Blood pressure is low.Surgery is in two weeks. They will call you next week and give you the instructions (no eating/drinking after midnight; no nail polish in operating room; no anti-perspirant; wash with anti-bacterial soap…etc. This is the 5th time I have had this so I know what to expect).

That was it. And that’s okay. Because I got to see this today:



  1. glad all is going well! and thought of you when I came across a boy's name with a "C" - "Corbin." Thought that was a cute name!