April Fools…

Now last year I pulled the “guess who’s pregnant…” Not so funny this year since it is {ahem} true, right? Right. So what else is there… How about a trick on my kids?

“Mom-can we wear dresses today since it is going to be nice?”

“Yeah –that’s fine…”

A short time later…

“Girls—go get changed; it’s going to snow today.”

Their faces drop.

“Mommy’s serious. Go get jeans and sweatshirts and your boots.”



Their faces are looking at me most intently…judging…studying…

And then they get up and start trudging up the stairs.

And then…

I start giggling.

“MOM-YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!” from Shayne.

“MOMMA-THAT’S NOT NICE TO TRICK!” (yeah—Stormy no pot calling the kettle black there or anything…)

And Connor—he doesn’t really move at all. He just keeps eating his breakfast.

Sage—thinks everything is funny when someone else laughs so at least she thought it was funny.

I think my last year’s prank was much funnier. But this one still made me giggle.

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