Sunday—PART II of the busy weekend…

After a few phone calls the rest of my sisters and brother will be coming out for a quick brunch before she heads back out of town. I wasn’t functioning on enough recovery sleep still so I only got a picture of what was left of that brunch:


Yep—the condiments was it. We had Kings Hawaiian rolls with lunch meat and chips and fruit and potato salad. There were

22 people here though so not surprising we didn’t have much left-over.

What was really, really nice though was that we were able to have the kids go outside. Still heard the “I’m bored” from a few though. And then I told them to draw on the fence if they wanted to with the chalk. The patio is in the shade and it was still a tad chilly—and there isn’t much room for a many so only one drawing appeared there. The kids obliged and it really did look sweet. I love kids’ imaginations.




Oh-I don’t know which one of the kids put their gum on the bottom of my folding table but don’t let me catch you doing it again—I have all kinds of cleaning that needs to be done by you if you are found doing this!

Other than that—a great day! My sister left a little after brunch time and headed home. It was good to see you MK! See you in a couple of weeks!

Everyone else—good to see you too of course! See you around!


  1. talented kids! glad you all got to get together!

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