A Saturday…

Today was supposed to be a day to sleep in—kind of.

Shayne was at her bf’s house. Stormy and Connor spent the night at their Aunt Bonnie’s house. It was just Sage, Paul and I at home. Wouldn’t you know that a little before 7AM we were awake. I stayed in bed until Sage woke up around 745ish. We had to go pick Shayne up from Lexi’s a little earlier than normal. Why? 0313000957bShayne had her first practice today. She did great. Aside from being cold that is.


Tonight we set the clocks ahead one hour. I have plans to try to scrapbook. I don’t know if it will happen or not. Shayne has Lexi spending the night here tonight so I may be busy keeping Stormy busy so she doesn’t bother the bigger girls. Yeah—we’ll see about that!

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