Sage’s for real 18 month picture…

I took quite a few pictures of Sage today for her actual 18-month birthday BUT only one is my absolute favorite. Isn’t that funny how you can take 112 pictures and only have 1 that completely melts your heart?

What am I talking about? Well—look:

Sage 18 month 005

I haven’t finished editing very many but I keep coming back to this picture. I love the bright colors of her outfit. I love that she is sitting with both knees back. I love that she is saying “MA--MAAAAA” (well—now you know what she was saying and can’t you just hear it?). This blue-eyed babe of mine. I love her to pieces!

Tomorrow is her Dr. appointment for her check-up. I think the darling weighs…

I’ll tell you tomorrow!


  1. What an adorable picture! The colors just SNAP (I read that in a magazine...)!!! Such a cutie pie!