My big sis…and crew

So I went out of town to visit my oldest sister and her family. Shayne stayed up where we live with a friend. So it was me and three of my kids.

When we (my sister and I) both only had one or two kids we would visit each other once every couple of months. Now we are lucky to do that twice a year. Traveling is getting easier for her on one hand and harder on another. One-her kids are getting older. Her baby—Ella is going to be 5 this year! Harder? Because there is always “stuff” going on. Traveling is getting…near to impossible for me. Why? I have four children. Ages 8 and under. Now the bigger three aren’t really a problem {except my nephew, Cole thinks Connor is a pain in the butt}. Sage on the other hand doesn’t do well away from her crib. It was a long couple of nights. Why did I go on this roadtrip?

For pictures of course, silly. When your brother-in-law is a farmer you have to catch them before they get too busy and head back to the fields and you don’t see them let alone get pictures of them.

So down I went (a mere two and half hour drive which I cut down to two only doing a few over the speed limit, {ahem}). The day I went it was nice out. The kids played outside. By nice I mean…a little chilly but nothing too bad. The day after that when we did pictures? CHILLY. And overcast. Overcast doesn’t bother me. It actually works pretty well for family shots. Why? No one squinting.

I was really hoping to catch a few good shots. My nephew, Cole is going to be 10 this year. Enough said. He does these funny faces all.the.time. It makes for interesting pictures to say the least. And my sweet, ornery little niece Ella. She has so much of so much in that body of hers. Strike a pose to say the least. It cracks me up {and her Mom too!} My niece, Kara, like most 7 year olds is missing her front teeth. She has a pretty smile without those teethies but…she doesn’t like to show it. So a grin is what she does.

All that being said…did I get any shots?

7 swearingen copy

20 swearingen

My sister likes BW photos. So do I. Hence…the BW photos. I do like them. There are {of course} things I would change looking back but…maybe next time!

Alisa-next time I come down that way I am calling you! Hints from a pro would have been great :)


  1. You did great! Wow...those kiddos are growing..big time! Last I seen them there was a little baby in the mix!!! YES..we must get together some day...chat..shoot..all that good stuff! Maybe this summer we can meeet somewhere if you are down this way or I may head up there to see my little sis!