is doing fantastic. She loves the kids. She is still learning to trust us adults. She slept by my side of the bed last night. When she needed to go out she would just put her face---right----in----mine. Hey-it’s better than having accidents all over the house! She loves for me to brush her. She gets excited when I grab her leash so we can go outside. I still haven’t taken her anywhere yet {in the vehicle}. I want her to trust me before we do that. I got her to eat some food tonight…by drizzling ham juice on it. She was so excited. I was just happy she ate. She has been nibbling on her food…not really eating until tonight. She is really tired tonight because we were outside a lot today. And she follows me everywhere around the house…up the stairs and down and up and…etc. She lays in whatever room I am in mostly. She does get up to check everything out though. She hasn’t been in her kennel once. My kids {Sage and Connor} think it’s the greatest play thing ever. Shayne has made Connor be the dog. Stormy worries the most about Holly right now {Shayne probably the most actually}. She wants her to be happy.

Seriously. My kids already love her. The first thing they ask is “Can she sleep in our room?” I have to explain that she kind of goes wherever she is comfortable. When I get Sage up in the morning the first thing she says is “doggie.” They love to let Holly go outside in the backyard.

Holly is quickly making her way into our hearts. We can’t wait for her to be as happy to see us as we are to see her.


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