Q&A about this pregnancy…

1. Planned or unplanned? Some of the best things in life cannot be planned. This wasn’t exactly planned. I was serious when I said I wanted to wait until this summer to start trying. God had other plans.

2. Due date? I wish I had an answer for this. I will after the sonogram scheduled for late next week.

3. Crazy? Some people may think so. I don’t. God made me this way. Lucky me!

4. Why am I telling so early? A couple of reasons…

A) Stormy told all of her teachers at school. I wanted to make sure our friends and family heard it from me and not just a rumor of it from someone else

B) This is my 6th pregnancy (I had a miscarriage before we got pregnant with Sage). Things are bound to show up a lot sooner. I already have a hard time squeezing into my regular jeans. And it’s better to be comfortable right?

5) I would have preferred to wait until after the sonogram to announce it. Again-Stormy helped us in the decision to share our wonderfully surprising news. When I went through the miscarriage it was one of the hardest, saddest moments of my life. I hate that it makes it hard to enjoy a pregnancy until it is “safe.” There really isn’t a safe or guarantee with any pregnancy anyways right? I am going to be happy that God has decided to bless us (earlier than we had planned) again.

I wasn’t very far in that pregnancy when I miscarried. I used to be one of those people that just assumed “oh-at least it was early on so it shouldn’t be hard to get over.” And then I went through it.

Even though only a couple of weeks into it, I already loved the baby. I already was making life changing plans. And all of that disappeared as quickly as it showed up. THE HARDEST THING EVER IN MY LIFE.

SO—I try not to dwell on all the negative things that can happen. I can’t control them any more than I control the weather. This pregnancy is a great, wonderful, happy thing. We don’t want to keep it a secret. And so now…you know. I will have more questions and answers (I’m guessing) coming up sometime soon. I will keep you posted!

p.s. Stormy thinks it’s a girl. Shayne will be happy if it’s a girl and not a brother. Connor wants a “brudder.” Sage has no clue what’s in store!


  1. DUDE ITS NOT MINE !!!! rofl congrats

  2. CONGRATS!!!! How exciting! And from reading your blog, I knew you were wanting another kid (which, of course, as a mom of 1 crazy kid, I think you're a NUT to want MORE crazy kids!)! But CONGRATS and YAY that it's happening!

    PS As for the miscarriage, I always say that it's nature's way of saving you from heartache later. Not much comfort on the surface of that statement, but know that nature works in mysterious ways (and occasionally for the better)...like why in the world were SPIDERS ever created (however, there is NOTHING good about a spider!)!? I digress...

  3. I am so happy for this new "miracle" no matter what gender!

  4. Congratulations! I regret to inform you that we will not be sharing a pregnancy this time around. You're on your own. I'm very happy for you.