The never ending



That is what it seems like. I know that typically the mid-west gets more snow in January and February than in December. I know that. BUT I also know that we had a ton of snow in December. So it would seem we should get a break from all the white stuff called snow (I called it sugar when I was little). Or not. Because we have snow today. And chances tomorrow. And on Sunday and a 100% chance on Monday for a lot of snow!

Maybe it seems winter has been never-ending this year because we had so much snow in December. This is crazy though! I do love how pretty snow is. When there is a fresh blanket when I look outside it does make me smile.

BUT I also smile when I can send my kids outside without ten layers of clothing on.

sigh. Oh Winter I love you. Will you please go away now?


  1. I couldn't believe it when the weatherman down here predicted 20" of snow this winter. Still can't believe it but we have had over that!! I'm ready for Summer!!!!

  2. Beautiful picture! Yep, I wish winter would go away too! It's snowing outside my window with no chance of stopping any time soon. Yuck! Why did I choose to live in MN?!