I was so tired that I forgot how old my baby was…

Wow. How tired is that?!?! I seriously thought Sage was 18-months-old today. That is what I figured out yesterday. I even made her Dr. appointment for her 18-month check-up for later this week. I shouldn’t try to do those kind of things on 2 1/2 hours of sleep in a night. I won’t again that is for sure.

I (of course) realized my mistake today. But not before I told a number of people yesterday that she was turning 18-months-old today. And not before I made her appointment (which I called and rescheduled for next month when you know, she is actually 18-months old). And not before I did her 18-month-old pictures today.


Really Debbie?



Do you want to see a sneak peek of her 18-month-old 17 month-old pictures?

079092    102102 copy

AND again—which do you like better? The color or the B/W? I love the bright reds of the color but there is something about those black and whites!!!!


  1. Been there, done that. I went to the health department to pick up my baby's birth certificate. They had no record of it and I started to panic until I realized I gave them the wrong birthdate. I literally couldn't remember what day he was born.