86% not good…

So I did a post with just a picture of Sage saying colds stink right? Right. I gave her a couple of days hoping she would improve. She didn’t. It got worse. I decided to take her to the Dr. on Friday. She was not a happy camper let me tell you. She has this thing she does when the Dr. even gets close to her. She, well, she screams and tries to climb on top of my head. BUT it is a good thing I took her. Why? Because this is what we now have…

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Most of you can tell that is clearly a nebulizer. Yep—she has to have {up to} four breathing treatments a day. Mostly only if she needs them. Which trust me. She does. At her appointment when they were trying {I say trying because it took four tries} to get her pulse-ox levels they came back at 86%. After a breathing treatment they went back up to 97%. At the Dr.office I had to hold her hostage and try to keep her mask on her. Thank goodness my niece Alayna was there. She was trying to keep Sage occupied with her cell phone while I was {again} holding her hostage for the breathing treatment. So I guess you can tell she doesn’t much like the breathing treatments. My niece was asking if they hurt her and that’s why she was screaming. I had to assure that no, they don’t hurt. She’s just really ticked off about it all right now.

At home, it’s not much better. I hope it gets better. Because holy moly.


And after her treatments:

028she wouldn’t let me hold her. She let my niece but not yours truly.

Oh- and to top it off…she is on the “pink stuff” aka amoxicillin. Her left ear has some fluid but it isn’t totally clear. Which could be just the virus but the Dr. said “just in case.”


Oh—and you can totally tell a difference in her. She is feeling so much better after a day full of breathing treatments and a whole day of amox. Thank goodness. It’s nice to have my sweet baby back!

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