Have you noticed…

Have you noticed that since I am not doing the 365 photo challenge that I have not been blogging as much lately?

And I love to blog. Seriously. It makes me feel better. Kind of clears my mind on some things. I get to share stories that I otherwise would forget (that’s what happens with all these kids…my brain forgets soooo much!). I get to share photos of my kids with friends and family that don’t live nearby. I also get to share photos with, well, the whole www.

So why haven’t I been blogging as much lately?

I have no idea. I am the same busy momma of four that I always am. I just haven’t been in the mood to blog as much lately. I will turn that around starting now.

I have a few stories coming up shortly!

Oh—and for those of you that pop-in on my blog for the reading—please feel free to leave comments. I love getting them (as do most bloggers). It’s interesting to hear (or read) what your take on whatever post you were reading is.

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