A dirty little secret…

I mentioned that I am a secret-keeper…and I am…sometimes. When I am airing out my dirty little secrets that’s my choice right?

Do you see what is hiding beneath my couch?


Can you tell what it is?

I will tell you. I haven’t been on it in {gasp} 299 days. I pulled it out the other day to show my sister-in-law and it wouldn’t work. I even replaced the batteries. Wanna know what batteries I replaced it with? The ones that Stormy and Connor put back in the bag of batteries after removing them from one of Connor’s dead toys. So no duh it wouldn’t work. I did buy fresh batteries and voila, it worked.

And so I have been. Working out that is. Can you get a work out from one of these things? If you are competitive and try to beat your own score. Can you cheat on these? Yes. Not that I would know that personally {ahem}. BUT I haven’t been cheating on the last two days that I have worked out with it. I almost slid my butt down the stairs this morning just to avoid the pain from walking down them because of the work-out from yesterday.

That stupid thing groans when I step on it. Actually I think it is just the starting up noise it makes. That or it really is dying a slow and agonizing death from me working out on it. I am going to continue to work-out with it though. I have a deadline. I will keep you posted on that though.

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  1. I'm getting ready to start working on mine, also! What do you like to do best? I haven't played around on it much!