Do you ever feel blessed? Seriously. I do. And lately…I can’t even describe how blessed I have been feeling. When I look at this for instance…

IMG_8954 The amount of love I have for this little person God saw fit to give me…ME. Wow.

IMG_8974And this one…God gave her to me. I can’t imagine not having a Stormy in my life. I am blessed God gave her to me.

IMG_8944This boy that God blessed me with. Wowza. He makes me crazy. And I couldn’t love him more.

IMG_8981Yes—this darling girl makes me feel so blessed. She is such a good girl. She has attitude. She is funny. She is sneaky. She is…perfect. And God gave her to me

Blessed I tell ya. 


  1. What a lucky lady you are! The little monsters will figure out soon that they are lucky to have you too!