Sledding in a Winter Wonderland…er…cul-de sac…12.27.2009

IMG_8877IMG_8873 IMG_8869 Because of all the snow of course it is only appropriate that we head out to play in it right?

Normally this is something I leave up to Paul. I love the snow…outside. Bundling up all the kids to head out in it…not so much. But it was actually a whopping 30 something degrees outside so…of course I had to do it.

A huge mound of snow in the cul-de-sac made for a perfect slope…to make Stormy the table for the sled to go up. That is my nephew Nick and Shayne. Can you see Stormy there in the middle? Yep—they made that Stormy’s job.

IMG_8806 They also didn’t want to go first so guess who got to do that also? Yep- Stormy.

IMG_8814 IMG_8816 IMG_8817   IMG_8819

Actually, my nephew, Nick, never did go down the slope. He can talk the talk but NOT slide the slide. He was more into throwing snowballs and what-not. Such a boy.

Shayne on the other hand, did go down in the sled but then she had other things she wanted to do.


 IMG_8853IMG_8862 IMG_8835

You know you have super long lashes when:


snow sticks like this and looks so pretty.

As for Connor…what did he do? Not the sled down the slope that’s for sure. Chicken little that he is…he was much more content to run around and just…well…run around.


Oh-and it looks like we have a future snow-plowman in our midst…



I know you all are wondering where the baby is during all of the snow-madness. Don’t worry. She will get her own post soon.

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