12.24.2009---‘Twas the night before Christmas and it was a BLIZZARD TOO

This is the calm before the storm…kind of. Our flag was frozen stiff from the rain/sleet before the snow actually started.IMG_5180

We did our usual thing…posing for some pictures…but the not usual thing?

IMG_8348  IMG_8349

Paul was home! Because he had so many “starts” in at work, he got two days off. Which happened to fall on Christmas Eve and the day after!

We then got our bribe cookies ready for Santa.

IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8387

And the finished projects?

IMG_8396 Totally…ummm….scrumptious right? {ahem—oh and yes…they did use Valentine’s decorations on the cookies also…they love Santa ya know?}

Where was the baby? Right here:


Because every time we tried to get her to decorate, she just kept eating the treats.

After we got the bribe for Santa to come cookies done we had dinner. The kids wanted spaghetti. We should have had another option. Why?

 IMG_8403 IMG_8407

Because spaghetti sauce stains. Look closely at this:

IMG_8415Can you see the spaghetti staining around her little face? I know it’s there.

Merry Christmas to all and to all…don’t get out in the blizzard if you don’t have to!


  1. Love the pics!! also got my laugh for the day on Sage's picture!

  2. I hate giving your kids spaghetti, and macaroni, and mashed tatos and ... everything! Messy little devils!