I am thankful for...

Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? I am so glad you asked.

I am thankful for my life. Yep—the crazy thing I deal with every day. I may not do it right. But it is mine.
I am thankful for my husband…Paul. We do not have a perfect marriage. We bicker and fight. Oh man do we do that! But we also love. You have to love to be married to Paul. He makes me laugh a lot. Still. He makes me so angry sometimes. SPITTERS ARE DISGUSTING no matter what cup they are in. He has his quirks. Some make me absolutely insane. But…I can’t imagine my life without him.

I am thankful for my babies. All of them. Shayne—the bossy one. Stormy—the devilishly charming one. Connor—the only boy in this current brood of girls. Sage—my darling diva. I cannot imagine a single day without them. Yep—they are fodder for my many stories. Yep—I hide from them in the bathroom for two minutes of peace every once in awhile. Yep—I let them sleep in my bed (every once in awhile) with me just so I can hold them. I am thankful they are healthy and happy. I am thankful they are here with me.

I am thankful for my family. EVERY ONE OF THEM. And there is too many to name here. My family is huge. Seriously huge. Not my siblings. But my aunts, uncles, cousins, first cousins, second cousins…etc. I am thankful that I have a twin that is as pretty as me. Just kidding. I am much prettier. Man—the giggles just won’t quit. I am thankful that she still does all the dumb stuff I convince her to do. I am thankful that she is different than I am in so many ways. And alike in that she is the other part of my soul. I am also thankful for my in-law family.

I am thankful for my friends. Katie—I don’t know what I would do without you. My Bunko friends…ah girls…so much fun really shouldn’t be limited to one evening a month.

I am thankful for my neighbors. I have great neighbors. You know the kind you can go ask for a cup of sugar and they give you a bowl? The kind that babysat my kids when I was having another one at the hospital (September 2008 anyways).

I am also thankful for the other stuff. The internet, the roof over my head, the food in my fridge, the clothes that keep me warm, the a/c that keeps me cool, the cameras I use for my photography business, the…everything. I truly am thankful for all of that “stuff”. If I had to live without some of it, that would be okay. The most important stuff got listed early.

I am beyond thankful for my freedom. I know sounds corny. But truly…I am. I am thankful that there are men and women giving that freedom to me. They work harder than most can imagine just to give others freedom. Wow. Talk about selfless.

So—in summary…I am thankful for everything I have in my life. That I get to do with my life.

What are you thankful for?

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