A Connor story...and the picture for 11.4.2009

I am upstairs putting laundry in the appropriate delivery baskets when Connor comes crying upstairs that his face hurt. I didn't see anything so I tell him to go downstairs and I will be right there. About five minutes later, I come downstairs to find that he had put four band aids on his face with Neosporin also--because really...you can't have a band aid without the ointment right? I am looking at his face and then it hits me...
"Connor--what happened to your face Bubba?!?"
"I fell...."
"He fell down a few basement stairs."
"And you didn't think to check him?"
"He said he wanted you. So I told him to find you."
Umm...okay. So what was the damage and where you ask?
His eye. It was huge and swollen. And he had some little scratches by his eye too. This poor kid looks like he got sucker punched right in his eye. That is just fantastic because we have to go to Stormy's fall party.
You can totally tell how swollen it is. Even in the blurry picture (sorry-it was taken with the crappy camera).
Some lady asked how it happened. Wanna know what Paul told her?
"That's what happens when you back-talk at my house."
He said it seriously joking and then proceeded to say,
"No--he fell down three basement stairs."
She looks at him nervously and walks away.
"PAUL-that is not funny. They are going to think we beat him!"
Paul thinks it is funny because that lady was watching us the rest of the time. I think she figured out that Paul's sense of humor is not always that funny because she started talking to us again right before the party ended.

Here is what Connor's eye looked like on November 2nd.

And here it is on November 4th.

It still looks...not good. The green bruise is finally fading. And he says it doesn't hurt to open his eye anymore. Sheesh. This boy of mine.


  1. Poor guy! Glad it didn't require a visit to your second home, I mean, the ER!!!!

  2. The shiner kind of fits him...that makes me laugh. He's too much BOY!