Computer Crashes BEGONE

I had to get a new computer because mine kept crashing. Not exactly conducive to someone that has a small photography business right? So a few weeks ago we bit the bullet and ordered one. Actually it was probably only a couple of weeks ago and the only reason I caved is because A)-tired of mine crashing in between edits B)-the special was running out the next day. So--can't go wrong with getting $500 off a new system right?
So I wasn't supposed to get the new computer until next week. Imagine my surprise when Paul calls me Saturday and tells me what FEDEX has just dropped off. The delivery guy made a comment about this looks like a nice system. Suh-weet. It is a nice system. It has everything I needed and maybe a couple of things I didn't. Did I need to upgrade the monitor to a 23" High def. ? Probably not. It will make editing pictures much easier to see than the laptop that's for sure.
I am still working on the kinks. I can't get the 50D camera to be recognized...ugh. Not like I use the Canon software anyways but it will keep a gal up at night wondering "WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH IT?" AND my Ipod now...seems to not want to work...at all with it. And it deleted all my stuff off of it. ARGH. Anyways~ I can't even remember the last time I got to use a normal keyboard and mouse to work on a computer. I love it!
Oh- and Honey- Thank you for not complaining about it at all. No sarcasm. What he really said was,
"You need it for work right?"
"It's the best deal we're gonna get right?"
"It has everything you need for the photography (crap) business right?"
"Than what's the problem?"
"It's a lot of money!!"
"Well-you need it to make money so there you go."
He really does spoil me. Thank goodness.

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