Oh-Thanksgiving. Family get togethers. Talking. Eating. Talking. Eating. Laughing. Thankful.

We went to my Mom's for Thanksgiving lunch. Almost everyone was there. My brother's daughter's were not there but his two boys were. Can ya se them in the grandkids shot? And my second sister's oldest wasn't there. All three of those girls were missed this year. Hopefully we will get to see them at the next family function! After eating ourselves silly we headed back up north to eat at Paul's mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Wow. We definitely hit the jackpot in meals for the day. I don't have many shots from my mother-in-law's. Sage was beyond cranky on this Thanksgiving. Can you see her in the grandkids shot? Yeah...not a happy camper.
Those are just a few shots I pushed into a collage from Thanksgiving. I hope your Thanksgiving was as full as mine (minus the cranky baby for you).

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  1. Great shots! I really enjoyed having all my kids home!!!!