11.18.2009---another trip to the....

ER. Yep--they almost know us {Connor} upon entry at the ER we go to. No--that is not a good thing. My son however is the most accident prone little guy. He would be content to never go. But this Momma worries...yeah...big surprise there I guess. This particular worry?
Stormy landed on the back of his neck/head area when trying to do a handstand in the house. Connor kept complaining (not really complaining...more like crying in pain...which he never does!) about his head hurting. I looked for bruising, bleeding, cuts...anything to explain why he was in so much pain. And then it hit me.
He couldn't turn his head to the right or look up without screaming in pain. So I give him some Motrin and send him to bed hoping it's just muscle soreness or whatever. I checked on him...IE... I woke him up and made him move his head around. HE COULDN'T. Not without screaming in pain again. So I had Paul take him to the ER. They did like 6 x-rays. Nothing broken. The Dr. said where Stormy landed is pretty sensitive to fractures though. And we were lucky that wasn't the case this time. He is just really sore. Thank God.
It is still hard for him to turn his head today (the 19th). But he'll back to "normal" soon enough according to the Dr.


  1. poor little guy!! so glad he's allright though!

  2. Hope he doesn't have to go back for a long long time!

  3. men r tuff com on let him b a man !!!!