10.16.2009--You know what I love?--

Now you know....Makes me smile just looking at this picture.
People often wonder how they will ever love another child as much as they love their first...or second...or whatever. Well...the people that wonder that must not have that many kids. Why? Because---I can tell you that I love this little girl of mine with the same amount of love as I had when I just had one kid. And then I had two and I loved the second the same amount. And so on...Do I love them all the same? No. They each have their own things that make me love them the same amount as the other--just differently. Let's expound on this a little more.

Shayne--she made me a momma. How could I not love her for that? She was my guinea pig. I made more mistakes learning experiences with her than imaginable. I could have a conversation with her when she was 15 months old. She was very independent--while still being dependent.

Stormy--ah my little Stormy. She was our tiniest little girl. She made Shayne a big sister. How could I not love her the same amount as Shayne?

Connor--my only boy. How could I not love him the same? It is different because he is my only boy. Boys are definitely different than girls. There is an insane amount of energy in these little creatures.

Sage--my sweet little baby that made our little family...big. How could I not love her the same amount? Is it different? Yep. She is the baby. She surprised Paul. Not me though. I knew I was going to have another baby.
Will it be the same when I have another baby? Yep. I know I want one more. Paul knows that also. He thinks it would be cool to have one more. DON'T GO JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS. No--we are not having one right now. But someday...yep.

Every single child will always, always be my baby. And my heart will always love them all the same amount. Differently--yet the same.

How could it not?

Oh--and those finger things...long story...maybe in the next few posts...


  1. As a mom of five, I know how you feel. These are great shots!

  2. Looks like Boo-Boo is giving the bird...and he looks like a pretty tolerant little fellow here. See, pictures do tell fibs.