September 9th~a very special day...

We got up early and went to the hospital for our scheduled induction. We got there at 7AM. At 7:15, we got back to our room (suite 279). We got the best nurse there! Shana got our IV started and checked us. We were dilated to 5! Dr. M. came in and broke our water at 8:16AM. I got the epidural after that! The epidural took forever to get in--I was sitting on the bed funny. After I shifted the head anesthesia doctor was able to get it right in--instead of the first anesthesia doctor-- and then the baby's heart-rate dipped a little so I had to wear the oxygen mask. The nurse had us lay on our left side and then we were complete within ten minutes. Dr. M came in and we started pushing at 10:16AM. You were born after 2 1/2 contractions! At 10:26AM our beautiful girl was born. And to our surprise--our biggest baby! With a little double chin and big cheeks. AND to more of our complete surprise a ton of hair!!!! Actual weight was 7 pounds 6 ounces and 19 inches in length. Blue eyes like the rest of the kids. But unlike the other kids, dark brown hair and lots of it!

So a few pictures from our big day...

Right before we left for the hospital. The other kids went to our neighbor's house.

Nurse just blew this vein. Managed to get the other hand though very easily. And I am still smiling because... Water was still intact until... this picture. OUCH! After this is when I got the epidural--which took forever!!! And then the oxygen mask. A few minutes later was the pushing. And yes, I did laugh in between contractions. How weird? There was a guy student nurse in the room as part of the pediatric nurse team. It was just...very odd to me. Anyways...the end result of the pain. And even with the epidural...there is pain. At least the pain from the crowning. Holy mother of pearl!!!! But back to the result of all that pain... I love this baby with every fiber of my being.

Daddy--AGAIN. Even though this little girl was a HUGE surprise for him. Even though he didn't think the timing was right for her. He loves her more than she knows.

And as for the rest of the family...

How could you not love such a perfectly chunky, sweet, round, pretty smelling baby?

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