What our Christmas Eve 2010 looked like:

We did things a little differently this year.

We made a huge (for us) holiday meal. We even cooked a turkey for the first time EVER. Of course, the usual holiday sides as well.  Paul even made Au-Rotten Potatoes. I mean Au-Gross to the core. I think they are really supposed to be called Au Gratin Potatoes but you couldn’t prove it by me. The smell alone is enough to make me head for the hills.

Christmas Eve Collage 1

We also did our usual single kid posing in front of the tree/presents.

Christmas Eve collage 2

And of course we followed that with the family and kids only photos.

Christmas Eve Collage 3

Something we did that we haven’t done in years?

We invited my twinkie over. Two of her kids weren’t able to come because they went to their dad’s grandparent’s house for their Christmas get together. Someone that did come with her that we haven’t seen in awhile because she moved away with her father?


My niece! {go ahead and steal this picture B. I know you want to}

She got to meet Cooper for the first time.


She also got to pose with each kid because they were so happy to see her.


Well except Connor because he found my iPod. And ear-pieces.


He was busy.

After we all ate, all the adults helped clean up the dinner mess. Then my twinkie had to boogie out because it was time to get the other kids. It was also time for baths and bed around here because Santa doesn’t come unless you are sleeping.

Guess what happened next?


  1. You're right, I do want to steal it and I did. Thanks for the invite Sissy. She was sooo happy to see everyone.